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What Is Netflix? What It Costs, How It Works & What’s Good on Netflix Right Now to Watch

What Is Netflix? What It Costs, How It Works & What's Good on Netflix Right Now

Have you signed up on Netflix yet for your daily entertainment? If not then, you’re missing out on some of the most iconic shows that is only streamed by them. These include series made by different countries as well as movies and documentaries.

It is like having your own personal TV. The only difference is that you can watch it anywhere – on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. In fact, if you have a smart TV, then you can open your Netflix there too.

What is Netflix – Getting started

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To be precise, Netflix is a streaming software where you can watch TV series, movies, short films and documentaries. It’s a website if you’re using a laptop and an app if you’re using your mobile phone.

Netflix has existing TV series and movies that have been aired on television and released in the cinema before. However, apart from them, it has more shows that have exclusively released there. Following are some of the shows exclusive on Netflix and extremely popular to start with:

  • Money Heist (La Casa de Papel)
  • Peaky Blinders
  • Breaking Bad
  • Better Call Saul
  • Stranger Things

To know more, just scroll ahead.

Is Netflix Free Right Now?

If you’ve never used Netflix before, it’s free for you. However, that’s a matter of just one month. Now, that is the policy of Netflix. This online streaming software allows free one month trials to all their new users.

Again, you need to be careful about one thing. You can get this free trial only once for a device. This means that on your laptop, if you’ve used Netflix from any ID, you’re not entitled to get a free trial from any other ID. In short, Netflix needs to be sure that you’re using them for the first time.

How Much Does Netflix Cost per Month as of 2020?

Once your free trial is over and you wish to go head with using it, you need to pay a monthly fee. Netflix provides you with 3 different plans for the same:

Basic: This plan provides you with SD quality videos of all the series and movies you watch. At a price of $9 per month, you can watch it on only one device at a time.

Standard: At a price of $13 per month, you can watch these videos on 2 devices at a time with HD quality videos.

Premium: This plan provides ultra HD videos and can be simultaneously used on 4 devices at a time at a price of $16 per month.

Now, considering the fact that with one Netflix ID, you can log in to 4 devices at a time see it this way – share one ID with 3 of your friends for a premium plan. That splits the cost between 4 people, each of you paying $4 a month for ultra HD quality videos. Isn’t that cool?

How can I get Netflix for free forever?

Well, officially Netflix won’t allow you to get free access for life. Up to a certain limit, you can use different IDs and devices every month to get multiple free trials. However, how long do you think you can do that? The number of devices you own will exhaust at some point – may be in just 3 months if you own a laptop, a tablet and a smartphone.

If you want it free for life, there are only two ways to do so:

  1. You sign in with a relative or friend’s account without dutching for the membership fees. It would be like taking a favor from someone to get free Netflix for life.
  2. Use mobile carriers like Sprint and T-mobile. You create a fixed plan for making calls using their services and get Netflix free with it.

What’s the Best Thing to Watch on Netflix?

Netflix viewers enjoy their exclusive series the most. Over the years, they have grown in popularity only for binge watching. Not just American series, but Spanish, Indian and Canadian series re also very popular here. Following are the most watched series on Netflix:

The Witcher: This is a new series on Netflix that just released on 20th December 2019 and gained 72 million views in a month. It is about a monster hunter struggling to live with people who are even worse than them.

Money Heist: This Spanish series first released on 2nd May 2017. It has 4 seasons, the recent one releasing on April 3 2020. Available in English and Spanish, the first 2 seasons show robbery of the Royal Mint of Spain and the other one shows the robbery of the Bank of Spain. The 4th season alone has received more than 65 million views.

Stranger Things: This American Science fiction is about supernatural events taking place in a town when a young boy disappears. It has got 3 seasons so far, the 1st one released on 15th July 2016. The 3rd season alone received 64 million views in the first month.

You: This is a psychological thriller series having 2 seasons released so far. Season 1 released on 9th September 2018 and season 2 came out on 26th December 2019. Season 2 alone has received more than 54 million views.

Ozark: This is a thriller series about a financial planner getting into money laundering. It has got 3 seasons so far and the 3rd season released recently on 27th March 2020, receiving 8.7 million views in the first 10 days.

Better Call Saul: This series is about an attorney turning into a corrupt criminal lawyer as he grows big. Initially released on February 2015, it has finished 5 seasons and received an overall viewership of 6.9 million.

Peaky Blinders: Released first in 2013, this UK series is about a gang of criminals being chased by Chief Inspector Chester Campbell. The 5th season released last year in September and received 3.7 million viewers overnight.

Lucifer: If fantasy is what you enjoy, you can watch Lucifer, a story of a demon coming to earth and falling in love with a cop. 4 seasons have already been released, last on 8th May 2019. It had received 3.65 million views on an average.

What Good Films are There on Netflix?

If you’re really fond of watching movies, then Netflix has plenty of them to offer – those which you missed in the cinema as well as those which are exclusively available there. Following are the most watched Netflix original films:

Spenser Confidential: This is a movie which released on 6th March 2020. It is about a former cop who is released from prison and while he’s leaving Boston, his ex-colleagues are murdered. This quest for bringing justice has received more than 85 million views.

6 Underground: This is a film about 6 people from different parts of the world fighting for injustice. Released on 20th December 2019, it has received 83 million views in exactly one month.

Bird Box: Released on 21st December 2018, this movie is the story of Malorie who finds true love while fighting for her life. It received 70 million views in by only 30th December 2018.

Murder Mystery: This is a film starring Jennifer Anniston and Adam Sandler. Watch how the cop and his wife become suspects of a murder. Released on 4th July 2019, it already received 73 million views in a week’s time.

Tiger King: This movie is about a zookeeper threatened by an animal activist leading to several problems for him. It released on 6th March and has received more than 64 million views.

Triple Frontier: Released on March 13 2019, this movie is about a heist planned by a group of former special force operatives. It has received 52 million views in almost one month.

The Perfect Date: In this movie, watch how Brooks Rattigan gets into his dream Ivy League School and the life he gets ahead. Released on 12th April 2019, it received 48 million views in a span of 3 months.

Tall Girl: This movie is about a girl named Jodi who has trouble with her height till she meets Stig. Released on 13th September 2019, it received 41 million views in the first 28 days.

Apart from these, you even have Hollywood films that have been released by the cinema before. These include:

Action: Fast & Furious films, Justice League, Captain America, Batman trilogy, Lucy, Iron Man series and Zero Dark Thirty

Comedy: American Pie series, Friends with Benefits, Mr. Bean’s Holiday and The Proposal

Thriller: Gone Girl, The Da Vinci Code, Gravity, Ocean’s 8, London has Fallen, Sherlock Holmes, 2012 and The Amazing Spiderman

Drama & Romance: 50 Shades of Grey series, Five Feet Apart, The Notebook, Forrest Grump, No Strings Attached and Remember Me

Horror: Veronica, The Conjuring, A Quiet Place, The Exorcist, Resident Evil, The House Next Door, Friday the 13th and Dark Shadows

How does Netflix work and how much does it cost?

It’s no rocket science to use Netflix. All you have to do is sign up for it. Visit their website and create your account. If you are a first time user according to your ID and device, you get the first month free. This free trial can be cancelled anytime before 30 days, else you’re charged for it.

You need to choose a plan first, even though you won’t be paying at first. Following are the 3 plans available on Netflix:

Basic: This plan is only meant for you to use it and provides SD quality videos for $9 per month.

Standard: Watch HD quality videos and share with any one person for $13 per month.

Premium: This provides HD and Ultra HD videos that  4 people can watch simultaneously for $16 per month.

Since you can share your ID with friends, 2 or 4 people can divide the cost, the best plan coming down to $4 per person for the premium plan.

What are Some Good Movies to Watch on Netflix – What are the Best Movies to Watch on Netflix – What are the Top 10 Movies on Netflix Right Now

Going by the average viewership, following are the top 10 movies to watch on Netflix right now:

10 – Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened with 20 million views

9 – Otherhood with 29 million views

8 – Always be My Maybe with 32 million views

7 – Secret Obsession with 40 million views

6 – The Highwaymen with 40 million views

5 – Tall Girl with 41 million views

4 – The Perfect Date with 48 million views

3 – Triple Frontier with 552 million views

2 – Murder Mystery with 73 million views

1 – Bird Box with 80 million views

What is a Good Series to Watch on Netflix – What are Some Good Shows to Watch on Netflix

Coming to series, following are the most watched shows on Netflix, based on an average viewership for all seasons:

10 – Elite with 20 million views

9 – When They See Us with 25 million views

8 – Dead to Me with 30 million views

7 – Unbelievable with 32 million views

6 – Our Planet with 33 million views

5 – Sex Education with 40 million views

4 – You with 40 million views

3 – Money Heist or La Casa De Papel with 44 million views

2 – Umbrella Academy with 45 million views

1 – Stranger Things with 64 million views

What are Good Shows to Watch on Netflix – What are the Best Shows to Watch on Netflix – What are the Top Rated Shows on Netflix

According to IMDb ratings, following have been the best shows on Netflix right now, whether originals or not:

  1. Sherlock (9.1): This is a modernized version of the famous stories of Sherlock Holmes starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.
  2. Friends (8.9): This is an iconic comedy TV show revolving around the lives as well as the bonding of 6 friends starring Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Courtney Cox, Matt Le Blanc, Jennifer Anniston and David Schwimmer.
  3. The Office (8.9): This is a comedy show revolving around office workers in a typical environment starring Steve Carell, Jenna Fischer, John Krasinski and Rainn Wilson.
  4. Stranger Things (8.8): This is a Netflix original fantasy show where you’ll see supernatural elements and events. It stars Milly Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Winona Ryder and David Harbour.
  5. Peaky Blinders (8.8): This is a Netflix original series about a gang of criminals starring Cillian Murphy, Paul Anderson, Helen McCrory and Sophie Rundle.
  6. Black Mirror (8.8): This sci-fi thriller and drama show you some innovations of humanity against their dark instincts. Daniel Lapaine, Hannah John-kamen, Michaela Coel and Beatrice Robertson-Jones are the main stars of the show.
  7. Freaks and Geeks (8.8): Go back to high school in this comedy show starring Linda Cardellini, John Francis Daley, James Franco and Samm Levine.
  8. Dark (8.7): This crime series is a Netflix original where 2 children disappear, leading to exposure of many relationships. The main stars of the show are Karoline Eichhorn, Louis Hoffman, Jordis Triebel and Maja Schone.
  9. BoJack Horseman (8.7): This is a popular animated show starring Will Arnett, Amy Sedaris, Alison Brie and Aaron Paul.
  10. Daredevil (8.6): This Netflix original crime series starring Charlie Cox, Vincent D’Onofrio, Deborah Ann Woll and Elden Henson is about a lawyer fighting for justice with his superhuman powers.

What are Good Horror Movies on Netflix – What are Some Good Horror Movies on Netflix – What are the Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now?

Do ghosts, witches, monsters and weird creatures fascinate you more than scaring you? Horror films are truly enjoyed when you feel the thrill and chill together. Here’s a list of popular scary movies available on Netflix that you will love watching:

A Quiet Place: This movie is about a family living in an isolated forest area where some scary creatures hating sound reside. If you make any kind of noise or sound, the creatures hear you and come and kill you.

The Exorcist: This is a classic horror film of all times about an evil spirit entering an actress’ daughter. She calls two priests in the house in order to get rid of it.

Annihilation: Lena is a biologist who goes off to a mysterious place that is actually prohibited to visit when her husband goes on a secret mission. This Netflix original released in 2018.

Eli: Watch an 11-year old ill boy undergo an experimental therapy in an isolated clinic. This is a Netflix original story that released last year.

Priest: The scary characters of this horror story are a group of vampires who try attacking a man trying to save his niece.

Scary Movie 5: When a couple brings their new born baby home, they face a devil stalking them and try to get rid of them.

Hush: This story is about a deaf writer who lives in the woods alone. She sees a masked killer at her window and ever since then has to live carefully in silence.

Sinister: How would you feel when you realize that the house you live in has witnessed a lot of horrible murders? This is exactly what the story revolves around.

Death Note: A popular Netflix horror since 2017, this film revolves around a light turner using a supernatural notebook to avoid death and ends up attracts a demon.

Friday the 13th: This is the remake of an old film, Slasher where a bunch of teenagers get a masked maniac really angry.

What are Some Good Scary Movies on Netflix – What are Some Good Scary Movies to Watch on Netflix?

Netflix has a combination of Hollywood films and some of those which have released exclusively on their platform. Among scary movies, the following Netflix originals have been doing well right now:

The Babysitter: In this film, the babysitter is the scary character belonging to a group of devils who seduce humans. The kid discovers this when he’s accidentally awake.

Gerald’s Game: This story is about a married couple living in an isolated lake house. Watch the weird visions the lady has and the dark secrets she discovers after a sex game goes wrong between the two.

The Influence: Here, there is a dark force threatening Alicia’s child but she can’t move out because her comatose mother is in there.

Cargo: You might enjoy watching this film because it involves a father and his little daughter seeking protection in the woods from a pandemic.

The Open House: Watch how evil forces are haunting a mother and his son in a vacation home and how they deal with it.

Mark of the Devil: Here, two sisters opened an ancient book and attracted a devil to possess in a priest. The film released recently on 27th March 2020 and has already gained popularity.

Rattlesnake: A little girl is bit by a deadly snake and is then saved by a mysterious character. Watch how the mother has to repay this debt.

The Perfection: This is a horror-cum-thriller, where an artist reunites with her former mentors and finds them with a new pupil.

Apostle: Based in 1905, this is about a man rescuing her kidnapped sister while getting involved with a sinister cult.

Wounds: It all begins when a bartender picks up a cellphone from a brawl and starts receiving messages that drive him insane.

What are Good Family Movies on Netflix?

If you’re planning to watch a movie on Netflix on your smart TV with your family, then you probably won’t be comfortable watching any – especially if there are kids in the house. Following are some movies on Netflix you can watch with anyone:

Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle: You have watched the Jungle Book plenty of times may be. However, this film is a Netflix original adapted from it. The animation here is realistic while the actor is real.

Tall Girl: Another Netflix original film about a girl who has problems with her long height till she meets a guy about the same height.

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind: This inspiring film is based on a true story, where a 13-year boy creates a wind turbine to save his village.

Matilda: She is a little girl who was bullied by her principal and very own parents and discovers hidden powers to use against them.

Benji: The main character of this film is not a person, but a dog that fixes up a broken family, helping the kids get out danger.

The Karate Kid: This is a Hollywood film on Netflix about a boy who shifts to China from the US and learns Kung fu to defend himself from his bullies.

The Princess Diaries: This is also an old Hollywood film of Anne Hathaway who lives in US and discovers that she is actually the princess of Genovia by birth.

Mr Bean’s Holiday: This iconic character has had a cartoon as well as a real TV series and a movie. Starring Rowan Atkinson, this movie revolves around his vacation in the French Riviera.

The Little Mermaid: This may sound like an animated film but is not. It is about a mermaid who changes the life of a journalist and his sister.

The Parent Trap: This film is about two girls who have nothing in common except their very own faces. They meet at a camp and discover they’re twins.

What’s a Good Action Movie on Netflix?

If crime, thrill, suspense and action is your type, then the following Netflix originals are a good choice for you:

Extradition: The film stars Chris Hemsworth, Rudraksh Jaiswal and Randeep Hooda where a mercenary is sent to Bangladesh to rescue the son of a drug lord.

6 Underground: This is the story of a billionaire recruiting international operatives to take down a dictator. It stars Ryan Reynolds, Melanie Laurent and Corey Hawkins.

Triple Frontier: Watch how a team of 5 ex special forces steal a drug lord’s wealth, starring Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac and Charlie Hunnam.

Spenser Confidential: This film starring Mark Wahlberg, Winston Duke and Alan Arkin is about an ex cop, an ex con and an aspiring fighter solving the conspiracy of the murder of 2 Boston policemen.

Spectral: Watch how a team of special ops and an engineer stop a war in a European city, starring James Badge Dale, Emily Mortimer and Bruce Greenwood.

Extinction:This movie is based on an alien attack on the planet that endangers human existence. It stars Michael Pena, Lizzy Caplan and Israel Broussard.

Shaft: Starring Samuel L Jackson, Jessie T Usher and Regina Hall, this movie is about a private eye discovering his offspring to be a chip.

Bright: This is a unique story starring Will Smith, Joel Edgerton and Noomi Rapace where a cop has an orc as his partner and both are entangled in a war.

Rim of the World: Watch 4 teenagers saving the world from an alien attack on the planet. The film stars Jack Gore, Miya Cech and Benjamin Flores Jr.

6 Days: This film is based in 1980, when the Iranian embassy is seized by a group of gunmen. The main stars are Jamie Bell, Abbie Cornish and Mark Strong.

What are Some Good Romantic Movies on Netflix?

Romantic movies are light, sweet and pleasant to watch. Netflix not only has the best Hollywood movies but also some of its own productions which are very popular. Following are the exclusive romantic movies popular on Netflix:

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before: This is an interesting story of Lara who’s secret letters to 5 of her crushes get mailed to them accidently.

All the Bright Places: Starring Elle Fanning and Justice Smith, this is the love story of two struggling teenagers on their journey to Indiana.

The Last Summer: Based in Chicago, this is the story of the last summer of some high school students before they leave for college.

Set it Up: Watch how two assistants in an office make their workaholic bosses fall in love in order to take a break, starring Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell.

Isn’t it Romantic: This is more of a rom-com where an architect hits her head and wakes up to find things suddenly changing.

Always be my Maybe: This is a very romantic story of two people meeting after 15 years, falling in love and trying to adjust with each other having different worlds.

Alex Strangelove: Go back to high school in this love triangle between Alex, Claire and Elliot, starring Daniel Doheny, Madeline Weinstein and Antonio Marziale.

Someone Great: This is the story of Jenny who has her last adventure with her closest friend when she’s on the verge of breaking up with her boyfriend.

The Tree of Blood: Starring Money Heist actress Ursula Corbero with Alvaro Cervantes, this love story involves dark secrets of both their relatives.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society: This is the story of a writer from London bonding with the book club members of Guernsey, starring Lily James.

What are Some Good Black Movies on Netflix?

If you feel like watching something different, then you should go for some black movies that have exclusively released on Netflix. Following are the top 10 Netflix original films about blacks:

Becoming: This is a documentary of the first lady, Michelle Obama, starring herself and looking through her life.

All Day and a Night: This is the story of a prisoner who meets other people and rewinds his life to see how he got there.

Uncorked: This story is about a young man who wants to become a master sommelier but his father wants him to take over the family business.

A Fall from Grace: Starring Crystal Fox, this film is about Grace who confesses about killing her husband while her lawyer tries to reveal the truth.

American Son: This story is about an interracial couple who are finding their lost son starring Kerry Washington and Steven Pasquale.

Barry: This is the story of young Barack Obama who has to fight for his race and forgets his identity in this quest.

Dolemite is my Name: This story is based in the 1970s, where an aspiring comedian named Rudy Ray Moore becomes Dolemite.

Step Sisters: Starring Megalyn Echikunwoke and Eden Sher, watch a sister help her rhythmically challenged sister win a dance championship.

Sextuplets: This Netflix film is about a to-be father who goes to visit his long-lost family when he finds out he’s a sextuplet.

Lionheart: This story is set in a male-dominated world where a daughter takes over her father’s position in the family business when he falls ill.

What’s Good on Canadian Netflix?

On normal TV we mostly watch American TV series and movies. However, on Netflix, shows made in other countries have also gained popularity. Some of the Canadian series that have become a hit include:

Anne with an E: Based on Anne of Green Gables, this series is about an orphan in search of her actual family roots.

Workin’ Moms: This series is based in Toronto, where 4 mothers have to get back to work after their maternity leave and take care of their family too.

Frontier: This story is based in the 18th century when ruthless trappers take control of fur trade in North America from Hudson’s Bay company.

Kim’s Convenience: This series is based on the lives of a Korean-Canadian family running a convenience store in Toronto.

The Last Kids on Earth: This is an American-Canadian animated series on Netflix where a bunch of orphans fight zombies and monsters invading the town.

Blown Away: This is a show where ten artists heat up a glassblowing sculpture for the chance of winning $60,000.

Chip and Potato: This is a Canadian-British-American animated series for kids about two kindergarten children Chip and Potato.

Vikings: This series has completed 6 seasons on Netflix since 2013, about Ragnar Lothbrok extending to the Norse.

The Hollow: This Canadian animated series is about 3 teenagers finding their way home from a magical realm with beasts and puzzles around them.

Hip-Hop Evolution: This is a musical documentary about several artists between 1970s – 2000s starring Shad Kabango.

What are Some Good Christmas Movies on Netflix?

The Princess Switch: This film stars Vanessa Hudgens in a double role, one as a princess and one as a baker. The two are not sisters but look alike and decide to switch places on Christmas.

Angela’s Christmas: This is a very touching film about Angela going to the church with her family on Christmas eve.

The Polar Express: This is a sweet Christmas story about a boy who finds a train to his home in the North Pole on Christmas eve.

Kung Fu Panda: Holiday: The Kung Fu Panda series is indeed very popular and this one revolves around Christmas, where Po is stuck between his responsibilities as a Dragon Warrior and as a son.

A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish: This story is based on the story of Cinderella, with a small twist of meeting her prince charming on Christmas.

A Christmas Prince: This film is about an aspiring journalist who goes abroad and meets a prince on Christmas and eventually marries him.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby: Watch the birth of the royal baby of Queen Amber and King Aldovia taking place on Christmas along with the unwrapping of a monarchy mystery.

Klaus: This Netflix original is a friendship story of a selfish postman and a toymaker who deliver joy in the town together.

The Knight Before Christmas: This movie stars Vanessa Hudgens and Josh Whitehouse where a man falls in love with a high school teacher in Ohio.

The Christmas Chronicles: This is a Christmas tale where two siblings take Santa Clause all night after accidentally crashing into his sleigh.

What are Some Good Kid Movies on Netflix?

Talking about movies that kids can enjoy and even learn from some, following are some good animated films that they would love to watch:

Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back – Evolution: Based on the Pokemon cartoon series, this Netflix original is about Mewtwo an artificial Pokemon.

Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale: This is a Netflix animated movie about Puss in Boots falling into a magical book.

Next Gen: Another Netflix original about a lonely boy called Mai who plots against a villain with the help of a secret robot.

Gnome Alone: This Netflix original is about Chloe, who discovers garden gnomes in her new home and takes their help to save the world.

White Fang: This is the adventure of a loyal wolfdog who is serving three different masters. It is a Netflix original.

Cars 3: This series of animated films has been popular and the third sequel about a female race car is available on Netflix.

Ratatouille: This story is about a rat that grew up with a chef and developed taste for good food. However, his father did not like it.

The Willoughbys: Watch how 4 siblings leave their selfish parents and live together, forming their own imperfect family.

Despicable Me: This is a fun story of how a man tries to steal the moon from the sky but faces 3 orphans on his way.

Hotel Transylvania: This is  sweet story about the owner of the Hotel Transylvania becoming protective of his daughter when a suitor shows interest in her.

What are Good Sad Movies on Netflix?

If you haven’t cried watching a movie for very long, then here are some heart-touching sad stories on Netflix you can watch:

Marriage Story: This is a story many of you might relate to, about a family where the marriage of the parents starts falling apart.

Lost Girls: This is unfortunately based on a true story, where a mother is finding her missing daughter and comes across murders of sex workers in her way.

Freedom Writers: This movie based in a racially discriminated high school, where a teacher connects with her students and gives them the freedom to write what they feel in their notebooks.

Her: Another intense story about a lonely writer developing a relationship with an artificial entity in LA, starring Joaquin Phoenix.

The Pursuit of Happyness: This film is about a man who gets divorced and struggles to earn for a living and taking care of his son, eventually finding success.

What’s a Good Funny Movie on Netflix?

When you’re tired and need a break, the best movies that work on you are comedies. Laughing is considered to be good for health and the following Netflix originals might get you rolling on your stomach:

The Perfect Date: Watch how a high school boy fakes himself as a date through an app to make money and ends up falling in love for real.

Oh Ramona: This story is about a 16 year old boy fascinated by a girl named Ramona till he goes on a vacation and meets a hotel clerk.

Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie: This is about a homicide detective solving the murder mystery of a woman through his personal life.

To All The Boys: PS I Still Love You: Watch an old crush of Lara Jean make her feelings and current relationship complicated.

Okja: This is a satire of a giant and the girl who raised her stuck between animal activism, scientific ethics and corporate greed.

The Kissing Booth: This story is about a teenager having the perfect kiss and later much more with the hottest guy in school, at the cost of her friendship.

The 101-Year-Old Man Who Skipped Out on the Bill and Disappeared: This is an adventure, or rather a quest of an ex spy and his partner looking for a Soviet soda formula.

Falling Inn Love: This is a popular Netflix comedy about a San Francisco exec winning a New Zealand inn and meets a handsome contractor.

Airplane Mode: Starring Larissa Manoela, this is about a young influencer crashing her car on her way to her grandfather’s farm and then goes through a digital detox.

The Package: In a group of 5 friends, one of them meets with an accident in the middle of a spring break and the other 4 do everything they can to see him normal again.

What’s a Good Suspense Movie?

Suspense-based films are enjoyed the most when you watch them for the first time. The following movies have released exclusively on Netflix, hence there’s a guarantee you’ll be watching these for the first time:

Mirage: Starring Adriana Ugarte, this is the story of Vera who tries going back in time 25 years ago to save a boy and ends up losing her daughter.

In the Shadow of the Moon: This is about a Philadelphia detective who is obsessed with a female serial killer.

Operation Finale: This story is based in 1960 when Israeli spies are on a mission to bring the Nazi commander Adolf Eichmann to justice.

The Platform: This story is based in prison, where a slab of food descends and the prisoners above eat all of it, leaving the ones below starving.

The Silence: This is also a scary movie about a family escaping deadly creatures attacking y sound but encounter a mysterious cult.

In the Tall Grass: This is a horror-suspense thriller about a pregnant lady and her brother going in a field of grass on hearing a boy cry and figuring out how to return.

Dangerous Lies: After inheriting a patient’s property, the caregiver discovers some dark secrets residing there.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie: Starring Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman, this is a story of outrunning his past.

Forgotten: When Jin-seok’s brother returns, he has no memory of the past 19 days and seems different, which leads him to discover about his kidnapping.

Fractured: This is a man’s search for his missing wife and injured daughter who were last seen in the hospital. Check out what they’re hiding from him.



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