How to Delete “Continue Watching” on Netflix on Phone or iPhone?

How to Delete continue Watching on Netflix on Phone or iphone

Ever since you opened your Netflix account for the second time, did you get this section called “Continue Watching” on Netflix with the series you were watching before? Even though this feature has been designed for the comfort of your user, if you’re sharing your account with others, you might not want it.

If you feel that your privacy can be respected a little more, then you can delete “Continue Watching” on Netflix feature from your account. Let’s see how.

How to Remove Something from “Continue Watching” on Netflix?

Normally, it is convenient when Netflix provides the “Continue Watching” section on the home page. However, most of us share Netflix with other friends to make it more reasonable. Moreover, at home, you need one account and any one device for everyone to watch their favourite shows.

Now, if you’ve been watching something that’s embarrassing, you wouldn’t want other people to watch that too. That’s one of the main reasons why people wish to remove “Continue Watching” from their Netflix account.

If you wish to delete “Continue Watching” on Netflix from your phone, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1. From the top right corner of the app, go to your account settings.

Step 2. If you have an iPhone, a page will open or your Safari browser. Else, on Android phones, it opens on your Google Chrome browser.

Step 3. You need to scroll down and open your Account Activity section.

Step 4. Here, you’ll find a complete history of everything you’ve been watching so far.

Step 5. In the extreme right, there is an icon, a cross mark in an iphone and an android phone will display a symbol that looks like a stop sign. This is the icon for hiding the particular activity from your home page.

Step 6. Once you click on that, the term “Remove Series?” displays there. While the particular episode is hidden already, if you click on the term, you can remove the entire series from there.

This is basically the process of removing movies and shows from your profile history. Not only will you end up removing them from the “Continue Watching” list, you’ll also remove it from the “Recently Watched” list.

Now, when you do this, the history gets deleted for that particular profile. So, whether the profile is opened on your mobile phone, tablet, computer or smart TV, the show or movie you removed once will not be visible on the “Continue Watching” list.

How to Delete “Continue Watching” on Netflix Roku?

If you’ve been watching Netflix on a Roku device, the method differs slightly due to the presence of a remote control. However, it is equally simple and perhaps more important that you delete certain embarrassing movies or series from your history.

Here’s how it works in 3 simple steps:

Step 1. Go to the “Continue Watching” list and select the movie or series you wish to remove.

Step 2. Press the settings button on your remote.

Step 3. From the list of options you get, select “Remove from List” and press “OK”.

That’s it! You do this for every movie or episode that you don’t want your parents or children to see on the list.

How Long Does a Show Stay on “Continue Watching” on Netflix?

Now, you may have removed a show from your “Continue Watching” list. Usually, it does disappear from the list right away. However, there are times when Netflix might take a little longer to remove these shows.

At the most, a show stays on the “Continue Watching” list for 24 hours after you delete it from there. Although it usually doesn’t take that long, it is the maximum prescribed time that Netflix asks to adjust its settings and execute the removal of shows you’ve deleted.

Netflix – Remove “Are You Still Watching”

When you’re watching a show on Netflix and the next episode plays automatically after the previous one is over, do you get the prompt “Are you still watching..” ? Well, normally Netflix does this so that you don’t end up burning data unnecessarily as you leave the screen that’s still playing the next episode.

Normally, there’s nothing to worry about. If you click on “Continue Watching”, the episode will continue to play. On the other hand, if you click on “Back” or don’t do anything, it might just stop playing. However, if you find the prompts irritating, there are two things you can do.

Firstly, Netflix allows you to remove autoplay for a particular series if you want to. If you’re the kind of person who watches only one episode at a time, here’s what you can do:

Step 1. Open your Account Settings.

Step 2. Go to Profile & Parental Controls.

Step 3. Open Playback Settings and uncheck “Autoplay next episode in a series on all devices”.

Step 4. Click on Save.

When autoplay stops, the prompts go on their own. However, if you want to keep the autoplay and only remove the prompt, what would you do? Well, Netflix might not help you here, but your browser can!

If you’re the kind of binge watcher who can watch 5 episodes in a row without dozing off, then the prompt might be getting on your nerves. After all, some series have suspense that you’re desperately willing to know from the next episode and just can’t have the flow stop.

Now, removing this feature is only possible if you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to watch anything on Netflix. This is because these browsers support the extension called “Netflix Pause Removal”. Just install the extension and allow Netflix to access data from it.

That’s it! Now your autoplay is smooth and you can watch till you pause the show.

How to Delete My List on Netflix?

The “My List” feature on Netflix is actually something that you create for your own benefit. If you’re the only one using your account or if the people you share with have the same interests, then it’s wise to create one. Some of you may even have it with the name “Instant Queue”.

However, if you’ve suddenly started sharing your account with other people and do not want the list visible to them, what would you do?

Well, the feature of your customized list cannot be removed from Netflix. However, you can delete certain shows and films from that list easily. So, if you don’t want the list to be visible at all, you’ve got to remove every movie and show from the list.

Believe me, it’s just cakewalk to remove items from “My List”. Just follow these 3 simple steps:

Step 1. Open Netflix and click on “My List” from the menu above, which is usually the last option.

Step 2. Select the show you want to remove and click on the cross icon on the right corner.

Step 3. Repeat this with all other shows and films till it is empty.

Now, the menu bar will not show “My List” anymore. However, the feature still remains so you can easily create it again by simply adding a show to it again.

How to Clear Netflix Cache?

What do you mean by the term “cache”? In technical terms, it is a software component that stores data. This enables faster service of data in the future if it is related to it. Let me explain this with an example.

You start watching a show on Netflix. This information is stored in the cache of Netflix as well as the device where you watch it, rather the browser. The same applies if you’re using the app or watching it on your smart TV.

It is because of this cache that the show appears on your “Recently Watched” and “Continue Watching” lists. On top of it, when the next season of this show is about to begin, you’ll find it on top of your home screen the day the trailer is out. Netflix promotions related to the show will also reach your social media news feed.

If you don’t like Netflix cache after reading this, then don’t you worry. There are ways of deleting this from the browser, app and TV. You know that you can delete shows and films from your history. However, that is never all. There’s more for you to do.

You can follow the below steps to delete the cache from your browser if that’s where you watch Netflix:

Step 1. From the menu of your browser, go to Settings.

Step 2. Under “Privacy and security”, click on “Clear browsing data”.

Step 3. Under “Basic”, check on all the 3 options – “Browsing history”, Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files”.

Step 4. Under “Time range”, you can choose to select “All time” to be on the safe side.

Step 5. Click on “Clear data” and everything your browser will be clear, including Netflix cache.

Now, if you are using the Netflix app on your phone or tablet, the process will be a little different. The same would also apply to Netflix on your smart TV. Here’s how you’ll specifically get to clear your Netflix cache:

Step 1. Go to Settings and click on General.

Step 2. Click on the section “Apps” or “Applications”.

Step 3. You’ll find a section for managing apps like “Application Manager” or “Manage Applications”.

Step 4. From this section, go to Netflix or “Downloaded” section if it is not there.

Step 5. Find the storage section here.

Step 6. You’ll get the option called “Clear data” or “Clear Storage”. Select it and press OK.

These 6 simple steps will delete all the cache stored by your Netflix app on your smartphone as well as from your smart TV.

How to Delete Downloads on Netflix from Other Devices?

Have you ever received an error on Netflix that says “you need to remove downloads from this device or another device on your plan”? well, usually this happens when you exceed their limitations. When you go for a package on Netflix, there’s a limit to which you can download titles simultaneously.

We all tend to download some movies or shows from there so that we can watch it offline. However, even in the highest plan, you can only make these downloads on 4 devices at the most. The error will occur when the 5th device downloads titles.

So, here’s what you’ll do to resolve this error:

Step 1. Go to your profile settings and click on “Manage download devices”.

Step 2. Here, you’ll find the list of devices that have downloads. Click on the “Remove device” button for the extra devices where you don’t want any downloads.

That’s all! In only these two simple steps, you can remove all downloads from any device using any other.

Now, the error also occurs when you’ve made too many downloads in your own device only. Even though Netflix is capable of providing you an entire season offline, sometimes making too many downloads from different seasons of a show can cause errors. Here’s what you can do:

Step 1. Go to the Menu and click on My Downloads.

Step 2. You just select a show or movie you won’t require offline again.

Step 3. If you’re using an iOS device, you’ll get a cross sign (“X”) and if you’re using an Android device, you’ll get a blue coloured phone icon with a tick mark. Click on it.

Step 4. Click on “Delete” or “Delete Download”.

The above process is used to delete certain shows, episodes or films from a device. You can re-download them again and see the error may not come again.

How to Delete Netflix App?

Do you watch shows and films on Netflix that you can’t watch with your family? Well, it is full of such adult content that you may feel shy or embarrassed to watch with other people at home. If you have kids at home, you may want them to stay away from such shows.

In this situation the best thing to do is remove the Netflix app from your smart TV. There are different methods for different devices. I’ve listed the procedure for 3 different devices below – Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV and LG Smart TV. Let’s see how to delete the Netflix app from these devices.

How to Delete Netflix App on Apple TV?

If you are using the Apple TV in your hall, then let me tell you that deleting Netflix or any other app here is extremely simple. You need to follow these 3 little steps for doing so:

Step 1. Select the Netflix app icon with your Siri remote and then hold it on the touch screen.

Step 2. The app will start to shake or jiggle. That’s when you hit the pause/play button on your remote.

Step 3. Now, you just press the button again to confirm deletion.

And, it’s gone! So simple, isn’t it? Well, it’s going to be easy enough if you own Samsung Smart TV or LG Smart TV too. Let’s check it out.

How to Remove Netflix from Samsung Smart TV?

On your Samsung Smart TV, there are actually 2 things you can do. Either you delete the app completely, or you deactivate your account from the device. The latter can be done to ensure your kids don’t watch adult content from your account.

Here’s how you delete Netflix app completely from your Samsung Smart TV:

Step 1. Press the Home Button on your remote.

Step 2. Select Apps using the navigation buttons.

Step 3. Go to the App Settings, which you’ll find on the top right corner of the screen.

Step 4. Select the Netflix App here.

Step 5. When you press the Select button on the remote, you’ll get an option to Delete.

Step 6. Press on Delete to confirm the removal of the app.

However, if you are removing Netflix for the time being for some reason, here’s the process of deactivating the current account:

Step 1. Select the Netflix app on your TV the way you did above.

Step 2. Instead of pressing on the Select button, you press the Info button on your remote.

Step 3. Here, you navigate and go to “Deactivate” and then press the Select button on your remote.

Step 4. Press the Select button again to select “Yes” for confirmation.

With this, the Netflix app may be visible but it will not be signed in by any account. Hence, if you ever wish to log in again, you can, but from another account.

How to Remove Netflix from LG Smart TV?

The LG Smart TV is also a very user-friendly device. Deleting apps here is also pretty simple. Whether your Netflix is causing a technical problem, is not being used enough or you just want to keep it away from the kids, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1. Press on the Home button of your remote.

Step 2. Go to “More Apps” on the bottom right corner.

Step 3. Press on the Netflix app till you find an arrow coming over it.

Step 4. Go to the arrow and click on the “X” symbol that comes with a skull. It is the sign of deleting.

Step 5. Press on OK to confirm your deletion.

That’s all! At least for now you won’t have Netflix on your LG Smart TV. Later on, if you think you can have it, just reinstall it.

How to Remove Payment Details in Netflix?

When you subscribe for Netflix, the policy is that you pay in advance for a month. They’ll take your payment details and auto-deduct the amount as per your plan every month. However, if you wish to pay in another way or discontinue, you need to edit or remove your payment details from there.

Ideally, it is safer that Netflix has only one card or account’s details of you with them, as far as you’re using it. When you think it’s not worth paying anymore, you should ensure that they don’t have that either. 

Editing your payment details and removing it completely will have two different procedures. You must know that both are extremely simple.

If you want to continue Netflix but not the card or account you were paying with, you can remove the existing payment details and replace it with another. Here’s how that works:

Step 1. Go to your Account Settings and click on “Membership & Billing”.

Step 2. There’s a section called “Manage payment info”. Go there.

Step 3. You’ll find your card details where you’ll have to click on “Edit” on the right side.

Step 4. As you change the details, the information you wanted to remove goes.

However, if you wish to remove it completely, it would mean that you’ll just be using it as long as the month ends. For that, you need to cancel your membership. However, before doing so, you can ask customer care through the chat box to remove your payment details from Netflix.

In fact, you don’t have to go for a complete cancellation if all your payment details are removed. That way, you can actually resume subscription whenever you want!

How to Close my Netflix Account?

If you’re sure you never want to continue with Netflix again in future, it’s OK. Netflix has made its membership cancellation pretty easy. Here’s how you go for it:

Step 1. Go to Account Settings.

Step 2. Click on Cancel Membership.

Step 3. Confirm by clicking on “Finish Cancellation”.

With this, your account on Netflix is finally deleted. 

To Sum it Up

Netflix could be giving you a lot of problems in spite of being the great app and streaming platform it is. Even though it has some of the best shows and films on it, a lot of them have bold, adult content which makes it a platform you’d rather use in private.

If you’re too busy to use it, there’s no point in spending behind it either. That’s where you get the liberty to cancel your membership freely and easily. You don’t have to bother about any stupid promotional mails and messages to retain their platform.

So, whether it’s a specific feature like deleting “Continue Watching” on Netflix, removing the “Are you still watching” feature, deleting the app from a particular device, editing or removing your payment details or just cancelling your subscription, you have the freedom to do it all easily.

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