What is Snapchat & How to Deactivate and Delete Your Snapchat Account



What is Snapchat


Snapchat is a communicative platform for communicating with our friends and families. Its features are short and concise. One can publish photos for one time and the messages are stored for a short period of time.


Features of Snapchat:

  • Multi snap – This feature allows you to create, record share videos in one sequence.
  • Snap map – it helps to create an easy way to see what are your friends doing and you can easily make plans with your friends. You can also see where are your followers are from across the globe.
  • Custom stories –  This is an amazing new form of Snapchat Much allow than  to create a story and makes easier for groups to share their story together, most helpful in business purposes.
  • Geo filter – A brand new element added to the Snapchat from where you can see bitmoji, templates like graduation and wedding, the personalized text stickers, and more.
  • Voice filters – this unique and lively feature can make your own voice change according to your will.
  •  Tint brush –  Much more than a brush and helps to create interesting photos with some vibrant color.
  •  Vertical toolkit – Includes designing tools for editing pictures and phone screen.
  •  Backdrops – This feature helps you to trace the object in your snap and then it places a beautiful and colorful pattern behind too making it stand out from the rest.
  • Magic eraser –  will help you in removing someone or something from the image.
  •  Emoji brush – Help in painting your favorite emoji.


How to install a Snapchat?

1) Go to the play store and click on the search option and type Snapchat.

2) Click on the application and type on the install option.

3) Launch the Snapchat App having a small ghost icon from your device home screen.



How to create an account on Snapchat?

1) Open the App and click onto the signup and then put your first and last name.

  • Create a username that represents your name or brand.  Then snap chat will offer you some username from that you have to pick up if it is not accessible then try something new.

Then put on your number and email id and password and press continue.

3) Find and Add your friends by typing their name and scan your contact

4)  Then create your bitmoji by pressing on the ghost icon.

How to accept a friend request on Snapchat?

  • First, open the Snapchat and click on the ghost icon at the top left of the screen
  • Click on added my option.

Then click on the +  button and the request will be accepted.

  • Chat icons :
  • Gold Star means someone has replayed this person’s snap in the past 24 hrs.
  •  The yellow heart indicates the best friendship
  • Red heart means #1BF’s with each other for two weeks straight
  • Pink hearts means you both have been besties for 2 months.
  • Baby emoji means you both have become friends


How to take a snap from Snapchat?

1)click a picture or video and then tap on the capture button down at the bottom of the screen.

2) Try to take creative photos, videos, and make them colorful by using different tools, filters.

3) Send your Snap.



How to view a snap?

  • Swipe right from the camera screen to open the friend’s screen.
  • Notice the snaps sent by friends and you will see that there is an icon name next to their name. The icon will vary in color depending on the type of text they sent.
  • Red indicates multiple snaps
  • Blue indicates chats
  • Purple indicates multiple snaps that will play in sequence.
  • Click on the message to open it.

Then replay The snap.


  • How to delete a Snapchat account?
  •  At first, go to the Snapchat account link portal
  • Then add your password and username
  • Put on the security code sent to the phone and link it with the account and click submit.
  •  And then put your username and password again and then click continue and your account will be deactivated. After 30 days it will be deleted.


Pros and cons of Snapchat :

1) Snapchat provides an easy way to an experience

2)Using geo-filters is definitely a positive impact.

3) Helpful for consumers to get in touch with the company.

4) Can control who sees your post.

5) Content is very short and effective for consumers to consume.



Cons :

1) Audiences are limited in Snapchat.

2)  Posts are available for short-time.

3) The interface of the Snapchat can be temperamental.

4)  Videos are planned for vertical viewing.

5) Sometimes it encourages bad behavior.



The developer of Snapchat: Snap Inc.

App Size: 44.73  Mb


Updated: June 8, 2020

Released on: October 29, 2012.


Community guidelines

1) Snapchat does not allow sexually explicit content

2) No Harassment and Bullying is tolerated by Snapchat.

3) Spamming is also not tolerated by Snapchat.

4) Posting illegal content is prohibited.


If someone does not follow the guidelines his / her account will be terminated.


Some FAQs generally asked  :


1) How to delete Snapchat messages?

2)  How do I delete my child’s Snapchat account?

3) Does deleting snapchat app mean deleting your account?

4) what do friends see when you deactivate Snapchat?.


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